Child Custody Attorney: Modifies a Parental Agreement

If you want to get a custody modification, you need to seek legal advice from a child custody attorney. A child custody attorney will help you decide if a recent change in circumstances is enough to petition for a modification. A child custody attorney will work closely with you and your ex-spouse to work out a custody agreement. They will also work to make sure that your parenting plan is fair and equitable to both parents.

When a parent wishes to get a custody modification they must hire a child custody attorney who is experienced and skilled in family law. A lawyer will be able to get the best possible terms for their clients and help them win the custody battle. You should also use a family law attorney if you are seeking visitation rights after the divorce. Many times, a mother or father will have issues with visitation and an experienced divorce lawyer will know just what to do in these situations. A family law attorney will help you fight for visitation rights and will also work to obtain your children’s custody.

There are two main parts to a parenting plan or custody enforcement order. The first part is the stipulation. This is the part of the parenting plan or custody order that spells out the stipulations that each parent is responsible for. These stipulations could include visitation rights, child support, and more. After the parents have agreed on the stipulations regarding custody and visitation, they must sign the agreement or the judge will make them part of the order.

The second part of a parenting plan or custody modification is the decree. This is the entire basis of the child support payment and other aspects of the divorce. Once the parents have agreed on the stipulations regarding custody and visitation, the judges will read the entire decree and then decide if the terms are going to be modified or if they are going to stand. If the terms of the parenting plan are modified, the parents will need to work out an agreement regarding the new terms. If they cannot agree with the parents must appear before a judge and go through a parenting plan dispute.

If the parents can agree on all terms of the parenting plan, the judges will hold a joint hearing to determine if they are willing to work out the new terms of the decree. If the parties are unable to work out a new agreement, the child custody attorney will file for a legal custody modification order and work with the judge to find the best arrangement.

In many instances, the family court judge will grant the child custody attorney in the legal custody and visitation rights that are listed in the order. The family court judge will also review the stipulations regarding the primary physical custody and decide if the parent that has the greater physical custody will be given primary physical custody.

If the parents are not able to agree on the parenting plan or the modification, the child custody attorney will petition the court to change the existing conditions. The family court judge may approve the new arrangements or remit the case to one of the parties. The new agreement and court approval should be documented and the new court stipulations stated.

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